Life and Experience
San Diego Civic Youth Orchestra

"Saturday Morning Rehearsal" - Watercolor, 1999

So at this point, you're probably wondering what this site really is for. After all, aren't there just a billion youth orchestras in the United States (and all over the world for that matter)? Well for one, I find a large number of them heavy on the promotional material, and very lightweight in terms of actual content about the people that make it up.

Why is this important? Because reduced to their very base form, a youth orchestra, is a youth orchestra, is a youth orchestra. They have weekly rehearsal schedules, rehearsal sites, concerts, fund raising, etc...but what makes them unique and different is the personal experience on the side of its members, both staff and students.

This page is here to share some of the stories and experiences of former (and hopefully at some point, current) members of the San Diego Civic Youth Orchestra. Oh, and their web site is working again:

1996 South Pacific Tour
of Australia and New Zealand
Recollections by Gene Wie

1998 European Tour
of Switzerland, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy
Recollections by Gene Wie

About the page writer:

As an eight year member of the San Diego Civic Youth Orchestra, Gene began playing with CYO during its 1990-1991 season on violin, eventually becoming Concertmaster in the spring of 1995. After returning from the groupís 1996 South Pacific Tour of Australia and New Zealand, he performed with the group as Principal Clarinetist, ending his membership in CYO upon the conclusion of the 1998 European Tour.

You can read more about Gene HERE.

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